Started by Helene Stone, Ph.D. and Susan Kelly, M.Ed., Praeclarus Writing serves to help Non-native English speaker build their language skills so that they can clearly communicate their work and ideas to an international audience.

Our Founders

Dr. Helene Stone earned her doctorate at University of Southern California. She has taught professionals in Poland, Russia, China and Indonesia. Dr. Stone has extensively researched 19th century history. Her passion is writing and connecting with her students to build their skill and confidence.

Susan Kelly received her Masters degree from Lesley University, a small university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has taught in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and China. She has published in academic journals and spoken at conferences in China, Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea and the United States. She has served as an editor for TESOL Online Journal and she’s reviewed conference proposals for TESOL International.