Praeclarus Writing is dedicated to helping non-native English speakers, from graduate students to professors, attain their goals of writing for publication and speaking at international conferences.

Our name comes from Latin. In Latin praeclarus means excellence. Also “clar” resembles the English word clear. Above all writers must be clear to be effective.

We recognize the challenges of communicating complex ideas clearly and concisely. Even native speakers struggle to write well.

We offer programs and editing services to help you organize your ideas, compose thoughtful literature reviews, and to describe your data, methods and analysis with crystal clear style.

Review: Praxised.com

Building a vocabulary in English is essential to mastering the language. There are several online flash card programs and books that can help you learn words. The problem with most of these is that you soon forget the words or that you simply learn the words’ equivalent word in your own language but you don’t learn how to use this word naturally.

Praxised.com is built to overcome these weak points. Based on science and what experts know about how the brain learns, Praxised.com teaches you the words you need whether you’re focusing on core vocabulary or university vocabulary.

The program consists of short daily lessons that include listening and writing, skills other  programs ignore.

Subscriptions are $10 for six months or $20 per year.

Note: Praeclarus Writing is independent of Praxis and receives no payment for this review.